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20 Website Design Design is “the process of originating and developing a plan for an aesthetic and functional object, which usually requires considerable research, thought, modelling and iterative adjustment” . With regard to the web, this involves the arrangement of content into graphical models that can be used as a basis for coding a site. Figure 5. Website Design as a phase of the Website Development Cycle. Some of the ways in which good design can add value to your site include: 21 • By facilitating a visitor’s online experience, e.g. through clear navigation and an intuitive structure. • By communicating information, e.g. through diagrams and charts. • By transmitting brand values, e.g. by using corporate colours. • By creating or reinforcing a desired emotional response, e.g. through an appropriate use of imagery, colour and other elements. The Website Design Process Website Design is composed of several distinct disciplines, each of which embraces a range of skills. The sequence in which these are employed tends to follow a given pattern, encompassing the following steps: • Information Architecture • Interaction Design • Interface Design • Navigation Design • Information Design • Visual Design It should be noted that there is no clearly defined point of separation between these activities. In fact, some of them occur in parallel. For example, Interaction and Navigation Design handle a very similar set of challenges, i.e. how to move through a website. 22 Information Architecture Information Architecture is concerned with organising content on a website. The Information Architecture for any given site can typically be illustrated in the form of a tree diagram, as shown below. Figure 6. A simple Information Architecture. Various usability methods can be used to convert a Content Inventory into an Information Architecture. (See ‘Usability explained’ below.) Interaction Design Interaction Design is a system for structuring and generating actions on a website in response to user behaviour. For example, imagine you wish to book accommodation via the web and your chosen hotel has created an online form to do so. What is the first piece of information you will want to tell them? Probably the date you intend to arrive. As such, the hotel should ensure a field for “Check-in” is presented as the first step in the reservation process. 23 In this way, Interaction Design is about matching visitor expectations to a flow of information. Interface Design Interface Design is concerned with the selection of web elements that facilitate interaction with site visitors. Such features generally encompass links, buttons, check boxes, etc . Navigation Design Navigation Design is concerned with helping people orient themselves within a website, and also move through it. The most important concerns when designing such a system are to ensure visitors always know the answer to each of the following questions: • Where am I? • How did I get here? • How can I return to where I came from? • Where can I go from here? Many systems of navigation are used to support these, including: • Search • Sitemap • A–Z Index • Global Navigation • Side Navigation • Breadcrumb Navigation